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05 February 2024

05 February 2024

Your Guide to 2024's Best Architecture & Design Events in the US

With the dawn of a fresh year, we're gearing up for a jam-packed calendar of thrilling architecture and design events in the USA, and we're eager to dive into as many as possible!  

From show-stopping interior design to groundbreaking architectural work, this year's lineup of captivating events is poised to showcase the incredible contributions of American architects and designers.  

Whether you're keen on soaking in fresh ideas or simply mingling with the latest wave of design mavens, this year's schedule offers an array of platforms for both up-and-coming designers and seasoned architects alike.  

To assist you in plotting out your diary, we've handpicked a selection of the most eagerly anticipated architecture and design events in 2024.  

New York Build Expo 

In February, the New York Build Expo will offer a plethora of construction talks, design and architecture workshops, stalls, and networking opportunities, drawing in industry heavyweights from across the country. There’s something at the New York Build Expo for everyone.  

Register for updates and tickets here.  

Modernism Week 

An aesthete’s highlight on the 2024 events calendar, Modernism Week will turn the gorgeous Palm Springs into a delightful backdrop and main attraction for all things modernist in February. The 11-day festival will include tours of iconic homes in over two dozen neighbourhoods and architectural walks.  

Check it out here


New York’s most lauded celebration of the design community, NYCxDesign is held in May over 8 days and will feature a feast of curated content spanning architecture, interior design, urban design and many more. Last year’s event attracted more than 160,000 attendees; the 2024 event is sure to be another hit.  

Learn more about it here.  


Furniture designers, tastemakers and home interiors enthusiasts will be circling May 2024 in their diaries for the 35th edition of the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York City. Celebrating design from around the world, ICFF showcases established and emerging talent among hundreds of irresistible installations.  

Register for updates and tickets here.  

AIA Conference on Architecture & Design 2024 

In June, the American Institute of Architects brings its annual national conference to Washington D.C. AIA’s theme this year is Fusion, championing multidisciplinary approaches to designing and building. With an estimated 15,000 attendees expected, AIA is a landmark event on the industry calendar. In a series of architecture workshops and panels, you can expect a smorgasbord of thought about a range of environmental, social, and ethical issues in the industry. 

Sign up for news and tickets here.  


The commercial interior design industry’s premier event, NeoCon is setting up shop in Chicago in June for two days of talks and exhibits spanning workplace, healthcare, hospitality, retail, and other public spaces. Far from a simple trade show, NeoCon is renowned for its keynote speakers and thought-provoking discussions – which you can access from their archive.  

Register for updates and tickets here.  

GATHER: Catalyst 2024 

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)’s GATHER: Catalyst 2024 will come to Denver in August for an intimate 3-day event exploring the present and future of interior design. Connecting residential and commercial designers with students, seasoned professionals and industry partners, keynote speakers come from diverse backgrounds including sustainability and corporate, broadening perspectives on the craft.  

Sign up for alerts here.  


October kicks off with Archtober, New York’s beloved month-long series of architecture and design events. Made possible by the Center for Architecture and with input from more than 100 organisations, Archtober is a banner for happenings including building tours, exhibitions, lectures, film screenings, installations and more. To immerse yourself in the Archtober’s plentiful opportunities for wandering and discovery, download the app and don a pair of comfortable shoes! 

Texas Society of Architects Annual Conference 

AIA’s Texas Society of Architects marks its 85th annual conference in Houston in October. Over three days, the conference will also host the TxA Design Expo. Although a smaller-scale affair compared to its East Coast counterparts, TSA is no less prestigious as an arena for Southern architecture and design excellence.  

Register for updates and award information here.  

ArchtoberDesign Miami 

Held in December, the always-stylish Design Miami offers a rich collection of must-see installations, exhibits, talks and networking sessions featuring the best of contemporary design and architecture. It’s the perfect excuse to swap the winter chill for a festival of colour.  

Information and tickets will be available here.  

Discover More USA Architecture and Design Events, Jobs and Industry News 

Whether you're itching to explore the bustling architecture and design scene as a rookie or you're a seasoned pro looking for the next big thing, 2024 will be a year packed with inspiration and opportunities to make new connections.  

As proud champions of the industry, Bespoke Careers hosts a series of events throughout the year, and we’d love to see you there! For more information about our networking events or to have a chat about hiring or finding your next role in architecture or design, contact our team today.

Author: Alastair Wallace, Bespoke Careers

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Our annual Salary Survey reveals who's making what in our sector. Take a look at this year's results to see how you compare to the market.

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