Stories of support

The dream job? The perfect employee? Whatever you're looking for, we'll do everything we can to help. We took one candidate to his interview on the back of our scooter, gave a start-up studio our spare furniture, helped a young designer to fix her portfolio. We're determined to support people and businesses, come what may. And we support our industry, too. It's what makes Bespoke different.

Peter rides to the rescue

Peter rides to the rescue

David was the perfect candidate for the job. We knew that and so did he

He couldn't take time off for the interview, and meet his deadline

Step forward Peter, from our London office. He rides to work every day on his scooter: could he give David a lift?

Peter was up for it. He collected David from his office, zipped him across town to the interview, waited outside, then took him back to work

David got the job. And Peter? Well, he went the extra mile to help his client - literally

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