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24 February 2022

24 February 2022

Los Angeles sees high demand for talent after a sharp turn in hiring in the A&D recruitment market

2022 Global Salary Guide

The Los Angeles architecture and interiors recruitment market is busy with high demand for talent across the board. All sectors are currently active particularly healthcare, institutional and residential sectors. This sharp upturn in hiring, coupled with baby boomers retiring and some design professionals pivoting careers, has led to a talent shortage in the industry. This is a challenge for many of our clients who require new staff to take on existing projects as well as win new work. 

We’ve recently noticed an influx of candidates relocating from the east coast to the west with many of our clients hiring applicants from interstate. This migration by candidates quite often revolves around being closer to family or for a change in climate. The prospect of having a backyard, more space and better weather is certainly enticing for those who have been living without these amenities. 

Looking internationally is also an option, many of our clients utilize Bespoke’s global reach to hire talented professionals from Australia. The E3 process is straight forward and there is a level of commitment from both the candidate and client to work together for an extended period. 

Overall, every firm remains busy right now – but we’re seeing those who work across a variety of project sectors being the most active. 

We’ve noticed a demand for candidates at all skill and experience levels within architecture and design, but particularly candidates with around 7-10 years’ experience as they are able to hit the ground running - candidates with proven local experience in the sector are essential. 

Many candidates are confident about making their next career move resulting in the ‘Great Resignation’ phenomenon. The motivations for leaving are mixed and can include several factors such as dissatisfaction with the projects they are working on, not wanting to return full-time to an office space or a perceived lack of long-term cultural fit.  

The ongoing talent shortage has led to increased salary expectations from candidates regardless of their level of experience; although there will be a limit to what firms will, or can, offer in order to attract the best talent whilst remaining competitive, firms will look beyond salaries to propose sign-on bonuses and additional benefits to entice staff. 

In 2022, the hybrid working model remains popular with candidates and we will be curious to see whether firms will offer flexible working options or insist on a return to the office; depending on the individual, this can have an impact on a firm’s staffing success.

Video interviews led the way in the hiring process over the last year and we’re seeing how much this format can speed up recruitment by enabling both parties to schedule a meeting much quicker than before. It is our advice to clients to embrace this new way of engaging with candidates.

We’ve observed that a short-term solution to staff shortages is for clients to take contractors on board and many have been taking advantage of this service from Bespoke. Whether part- or full-time, this option allows firms to meet project deadlines, whilst either trying the contract candidates and/or continuing to look for someone suitable longer term. 

In a competitive market with candidates pursuing multiple offers, it’s essential that firms move quickly to secure new talent and are clear when outlining their culture and visions to candidates in the interview process. 

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Author: Alex James, Managing Director, Bespoke Careers

Salary Guide

Our annual Salary Survey reveals who's making what in our sector. Take a look at this year's results to see how you compare to the market.

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