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21 February 2024

21 February 2024

Insights from our 2024 Global Salary Guide

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The architecture and design industry has overcome its fair share of disruptions and wobbles in recent times. We’re now entering a phase where optimism prevails despite ongoing uncertainties. Put simply, employers and candidates are adapting. Or, dare we say, it’s back to business as (un)usual.  

We are delighted to present to you our Global Salary Guide 2024, our in-depth survey of architecture salary trends, hiring and candidate sentiment across core markets in Australia, the UK and the USA.  

To give you a taste of what we’ve uncovered from our survey, read on for some of our highlights.


In Sydney, education, industrial, multi-residential and build-to-rent projects are keeping hiring demand buoyant, whilst interior design is experiencing an uptick with multi-residential and commercial work, partly driven by the back-to-the-office drive. Expect more contractor roles in the New South Wales market, as employers seek to effectively manage their resource costs

Melbourne, similarly, is experiencing strong hiring demand related to health and education projects, with growth in both architecture and design roles, although salaries have now stabilised. With an age limit increase for working holiday visas in Australia, Melbourne firms are receiving an influx of overseas candidates, broadening their talent pools.  

Contrasting slightly with their Southern counterparts, Brisbane architecture and design employers are skewing their hiring towards permanent jobs, although contractor roles are gaining more traction of late. The River City is also seeing an upswing in firms looking to expand into Queensland from other states. 

London & the UK 

UK employers have taken economic uncertainty into their stride and ramped up hiring in multiple sectors, with demand particularly heating up in commercial and health.  

We’re seeing a healthy variation in project demand that is shaping recruitment for everything from local hospitality and Middle East megaprojects, to carbon zero retrofits and refurbs – presenting opportunities for architects and designers of all types. 

A fluctuating project landscape has led employers to adapt, resulting in a surge in freelance and contract opportunities across various sectors. 

Firms are advocating for more office presence, while also providing flexible working hours to sweeten the deal. We’re also seeing more seasoned employees considering a new role to further their careers, leveraging the current upbeat market conditions.  

United States 

Is New York the architecture and design jobs market that never sleeps? Some firms are reporting a healthy pipeline, suggesting a brighter long-term employment outlook. Skill gaps remain in certain sectors prompting the need to refine recruitment practices and better articulate employer value propositions.  

While salaries have come off the boil somewhat, they do remain a key consideration in candidates’ decisions – and an important negotiation point in a tight job market.  

Despite a softening in business demand, work pipelines in Los Angeles and California remain full, and more employers are expected to enlist contractors and temporary workers to cover staffing shortfalls. Specialists in areas such as medical and pharmaceutical projects are seeing their value increase significantly.  

The tug-of-war effect over returning to the office vs working from home is alive and well on the West Coast, while candidates are scrutinising salaries more. 

A strong economy in Texas combined with a steady stream of new talent entering the state for job opportunities is fuelling hiring activity and competition for candidates. With multiple national and global businesses setting up shop in Texan cities, candidates are fielding several employers at once. Firms are challenged to pare down their recruitment processes so they can move quickly on the best candidates. For jobseekers, opportunities to find hybrid and flexible positions abound, especially if they’re willing to work for a smaller firm.  

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Author: Lindsay Urquhart, CEO, Bespoke Careers

Salary Guide

Our annual Salary Survey reveals who's making what in our sector. Take a look at this year's results to see how you compare to the market.

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