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06 December 2023

06 December 2023

Navigating the Recruitment Process as a Job-Seeker in Architecture & Design

Is the jobs market back to ‘normal’? It depends on what your definition of ‘normal’ is. One fact you can bank on is that many architecture and design firms continue to cry out for people with strong skill sets. In other words, there is plenty of work to be had – so the question is really a matter of what your individual career goals and aspirations are.

Whether you’re taking stock of your career direction, or you already know what your ideal role looks like, knowing what to expect from the recruitment process will place you in good stead and help you get the most out of working with recruiters.

We’ll delve into how an architecture and design recruitment agency works, along with practical tips on working with a recruiter to get the job you want.

How Does an Architecture & Design Recruitment Agency Work?

Recruitment agencies serve two primary clientele: on one side, they assist companies seeking individuals for specific roles, and on the other, they collaborate with job seekers in their quest for new opportunities. We are the go-between that matches job seekers with the companies that are our clients.

For organisations that choose to partner with a recruitment agency, quality and efficiency are primary motivators.Businesses often struggle to juggle a recruitment process with serving their own clients simultaneously, so working with an agency ensures they can find skilled people within a reasonable timeframe. 

Whether you’re approaching an agency or a recruiter from an agency has approached you, the ensuing process is generally the same. After sending in your CV, you’ll have an introductory chat with a consultant to discuss your skills, work preferences and career goals. Here at Bespoke Careers, we’ll also use tools to screen and test your skills, including KnowledgeSmart, the leading provider of skills assessments in the AEC industry. The consultant will then present you with the range of roles currently available that suit your profile and will start presenting you as a candidate to specific companies based on which roles you’ve decided will suit your requirements.

The benefits of using a recruiter to find a job are significant. For one, many of the best architecture and design jobs aren’t publicly advertised, so you will gain an instant advantage in your job hunt by signing up with one. Recruiters can also give you current and actionable intel on the current salary ranges or pay rates for the jobs you’re interested in, as well as support you through negotiating an offer that meets your needs, and is in line with market rates.

Keep Your CV Refreshed

Updating your CV is especially crucial before approaching an architecture and design recruitment agency, but it’s also useful to think about your CV as a work in progress. Think of it as a document you revisit regularly, so it’s fresh and ready to go when you need it.

This might come after the completion of a major project when you have some incredible achievements to lock into the document, or when you receive a promotion and want to update your job title. As with LinkedIn, your CV should grow with you throughout your career, rather than be a static and stale document that’s forgotten about until needed. 

On your CV, keep track of your wins atwork, the skills you’re acquiring and your contributions to projects. Keepingthis information current will allow a recruiter to hit the ground running foryou once they’ve reviewed your CV.

Audit Your Tech Skills

An increasing number of firms and studios are putting candidates through software skills tests for REVIT, MicroStation and AutoCADs, so it’s fair to expect that employers will only give candidates with the strongest technical skills a look-in.

Understanding your current skill level can help you have the right discussions with a recruiter. To evaluate your skills for specific tools, consider the extent to which you’ve used that tool at work and how your current or former employers have relied on your proficiency in it.Be sure to highlight your software proficiencies and number of years you've used the software on your CV, and be prepared to give examples of how you’ve used the software in job interviews.

Evaluating your tech skills is the best way to identify gaps in your knowledge, which you can then address – a proactive approach that you can articulate to recruiters and employers alike!

Only Engage with a Reputable Architecture and Design Recruitment Agency

As with many other industries, architecture and design is a competitive space where dozens of recruiters are operating.Knowing how to choose the right recruiter is crucial, as they can significantly influence your job search experience.

Look for recruiters who specialise in your industry and location. An architecture and design recruitment specialist will have the most relevant industry connections and understand the nuances of your profession.

A reliable recruiter will have a solid,demonstrable track record and experience in the industry. This should be obvious on the agency’s well-crafted website, along with evidence the agency is deeply engaged with the industry by providing thought leadership and hosting events for architecture and design professionals. 

At a service level, important signs to look for include good communication and transparency. Consultants at reputable agencies will keep you updated about your applications and give you honest feedback about your fit for specific roles. They will treat you with respect,maintain confidentiality, and adhere to ethical standards throughout the recruitment process.

Talk to Us

Whether you’ve already been looking for a new job for some time or are yet to take the plunge into the job market, understanding how and why you can use an architecture and design recruitment agency can help level up your job search.  

Ready to take the next step and find your ideal role? We’d love to help. Contact us today.

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